Awesome applications
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Awesome applications
for your device!

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AVD Download Video Downloader

Android Video Downloader is the #1 app to download your favorite videos!

GotYa! Face trap!

GotYa! is the #1 security app to protect your device (anti-theft protection) and your loved ones.

PanoStitch Panorama Picture HD

PanoStitch is an easy to use, professional, panorama software. It will assemble a mosaic of overlapping pictures into a complete multi-row panorama. With others software, you'll only get a VERY long picture (several pictures wide), but a single picture tall! Take the next step!

AirCalc On-Screen Calculator

AirCalc allows you to keep your calculator above any running applications. Enjoy the desktop experience on your device!

Like your desktop calculator, you can move, resize and even minimize AirCalc.

OverSkreen Floating Browser

OverSkreen is the best floating browser on Android! With OverSkreen, you can do multiple tasks at the same time!

You don't have to switch from one application to another anymore. OverSkreen Browser can live on top of your screen! You can check a video on the right side of your screen and write a message at the same time!


Passionate entrepreneurs who build awesome applications to provide you a better mobile experience.


We like to build applications that will protect your phone, entertain you or make you happier. As simple as that.


Built in France.

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